A. Geyer Pianos

A.GEYER Pianos have been continuously evolving since 1877. It is the astute choice for discerning pianists and music lovers. In a rapidly changing world it is important to explore new opportunities. We at A. GEYER pianos have always known what it takes to make a classic instrument, and our values will not change.

Whether you are having piano lessons, perform virtuoso Chopin and Mozart, or perhaps Gershwin in the evening, an A. GEYER piano offers a beautiful sonorous sound which is so appreciated by the lovers of music, with a clear, warm and sustaining dynamic sound. The action is designed by our German Klavierbaumeister, using the highest specifications to support the player’s need. They have a solid, well-defined balanced feel, with quick repetition for precise control.

A. GEYER instruments are surprisingly affordable. Once played, the budget is rarely the concern in our customer’s decision.

With its solid, traditional construction, you will enjoy your A. GEYER Piano for the rest of your life.

We believe in playing music and wish you many years of happy music making!


150cm (l), 152cm (w), 101cm (h), 350kg

This exceptional Baby Grand plays and sounds like a much larger model, with a fantastic full sounding bass for such a small piano.

  • With 7¼ octave compass (88 keys)
  • Three pedals
  • German scaling and design
  • Only 4ft 11ins long
  • Slow-close fall board system
  • Brass or chrome fittings
  • White, Mahogany or Walnut polish